IAT Enterprise, LLC., provides computer s upport in both a consulting and technical capacity to mainly home-based business owners, faith-based organizations and public and private corporations. IAT positions themselves as a premier computer consulting firm in the Indianapolis community. The clients we serve receive professional and effective computer consulting that solve user’s problems as well as empower them with new-found control over their technological environment.

IAT Enterprise, LLC categorizes its services utilizing three major categories, I.T. consulting, Application Development and Software Training.

IAT’s keys to success in the I.T. services industry are:

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  • Comprehensive service - IAT seeks to offer comprehensive consulting services addressing customer needs in software development, (custom application documentation and training or application enhancements and/or modifications) as well as hardware repairs and upgrades.
  • Teaching ability - Most customers are interested in having their computer issues solved, but appreciate being empowered with new abilities and skills, giving them more control within their computing environment. At the conclusion of every project, IAT explains to the customer the services that were provided, along with documentation and training aids that will allow them to correct or prevent similar issues in the future.
  • Customer service - IAT’s objective is to complete every job with the customer satisfaction.
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