I.T. Consulting

Consulting Diagram

IAT will continue to offer several support options, including hourly support services and term (minimum six month) service contracts. Pricing varies depending on the length of the contract. IAT offers these other services:

  • Project work will be billed and estimated on a per-project basis.
  • Software packages supported (Restricted to implementation and initial configuration).
  • Lotus Notes/Domino Administration and Development services.

Software Training



IAT utilizes their software knowledge to teach clients how to use computer applications or programs such as spreadsheets, desktop publishing programs, as well as custom software applications. Software training requires knowledge of computer software programs and strong communication skills.

The following is a list of training services IAT offers or will offer in the near future:

  • Corporate Software Training. This means we must be familiar with the software that the company uses. This usually includes software such as Microsoft Products or Lotus Notes (Domino) applications as well as other programs developed by the company to perform functions specific to their business.
  • Web-based training demands knowledge about the various browsers such as Netscape or Internet Explorer and the fundamentals of web applications to adequately train those needing to understand the process.

Software training usually includes people with a wide range of computer skills and educational levels. The audience may also vary in size and setting. Training can range from just a few people in a private setting to an entire room full of people in a professional seminar. This requires that our trainers are able to adequately explain the technical complexities effectively.