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Our company offers a highly advanced ADCare Software solution.

ADCare Software is a product of IAT Enterprise, a venerable developer of website, software and information technology systems for small business.

ADCare Software is built on a completely web-based platform, and is accessible through all of the most popular browsers, including current versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

The software requires no installation, and is instantly accessible from any computer with an internet connection. It requires no on-site system administration or IT support.

All data input into ADCare Software is retrievable and reportable from any location, without searching through filing cabinets and desk drawers. And print from any screen or report to immediately generate the hard copy you need to share for care giver conferences and other necessities.

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Price Table

Application Development

As IAT Enterprise, LLC strives to empower our clients’ one solution at a time. We daily make every effort to fulfill our mission not only in the areas of software and business consultation, yet all the more through our application development and software training. IAT develops applications for our clients in two arenas: Software applications (functionality that is available to users through a software package user interface); and secondly, Web application (applications that are available via the Internet browser). This document addresses our Web development services. IAT has priced our services to meet the various needs of our website customers. IAT’s target clients are small I.T. departments by which its size comparison is from 1-3% of their client-base. These clients consist of home-based, faith-based, and private/public organizations. We offer simple informational sites or full blown dynamic content and data management sites. See below for a list of packages that cover the basic web-related needs of most small businesses.

IAT Enterprise, LLC – Web Development Price Structure

With our price structure, clients know exactly what they are receiving for their investment. Please note that the package prices shown below are based on the assumption that our clients will be providing us with the majority of text and images needed for site development.

Please see list below for websites IAT has developed.