Consulting - Application Development - Training

IAT Services

IAT Enterprise, LLC (IAT) is a computer consulting firm that strives to serve its clients as a comprehensive service provider. IAT offers a wide range of computer consulting, training and application (web) development services for small and home-based businesses. These include software development and problem resolution. IAT's competitive edge is their ability to explain or teach complex technical issues to clients of all knowledge levels by providing sufficient training to empower clients to play a larger role in accomplishing straightforward tasks. The ability to translate complex concepts into ‘Basic English’ empowers clients to feel more comfortable in the computing environment.

IAT offers computer support to clients in three categories. They are:

  • home-based businesses
  • faith-based organizations and
  • outsourced services normally offered to small I.T. departments of main-stream governmental and private corporations



  • I.T. Consultation [ Project Management - Business and Software Analyst ]
  • Application Development [ Web Development - Lotus Notes Development and Administration ]
  • Training [ Microsoft Office Certifications - Lotus Notes Training ]


ADCare Software

IAT Enterprise, LLC offers a highly advanced ADCare Software (ADCare) web based software. For more information about this software, follow link: